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La luminosité est au top

Très bon rétroprojecteur, j'ai installé le mien à environ 4 mètres de distance au mur. Le format est compact, peu encombrant, et peu s'installer relativement partout au vu du gabarit. De plus, l'objet n'est pas lourd ( personnellement je l'ai installé sur une étagère et cela ne bouge absolument pas).Les réglages sont faciles à faire, la molette pour régler la qualité de l'image est relativement simple d'utilisation. Je n'ai pas encore utilisé les fonctionnalités pour lire un média via le téléphone.J'ai ajouté à cela les enceintes pour créer une très bonne ambiance cinéma et le rendu est juste incroyable. Je recommande beaucoup ce produit qui pour l'instant ne m'a absolument pas déçu, je suis très content de mon achat.

Complexek (From FR)


"Simplemente impresionante. Tenía dudas al ser sin marca conocida y me he decantado por las reseñas buenas y lo compré para un regalo de reyes y hemos quedado encantados .
La calidad de imagen es brutal , la salida de sonido del proyector es excelente , apenas suena, es fácil de usar y tiene muchas funciones . Además de poder proyectar tu móvil , tu ordenador y lo que quieras, también se le puede añadir un stick tv y poder ver Netflix , Amazon Prime, HBO y demás aplicaciones .
La imagen con luz encendida es muy buena y con luz apagada es alucinante . Tiene varios puertos USB y HDMI.
Sin duda una gran compra!!!"

Msandela (From ES)

Ottimo proiettore!

"Ottimo proiettore. Piccolo e portatile, molto comodo e facile da usare.
Buonissima la risoluzione. Il punto forte del proiettore è sicuramente che è molto luminoso e dunque si può usare anche in contesto non completamente buio.
é molto versatile: lo usiamo sia in casa che in spettacoli che organizziamo, al chiuso che all'aperto, e non ha mai dato problemi, nonostante l'inquinamento luminoso che talvolta può presentarsi in situazioni all'esterno, la qualità dell'immagine rimane ottima grazie alla luminosità del proiettore. Al chiuso lo usiamo su uno schermo 3 metri x 2, ma l'ho utilizzato anche in viaggio in situazioni più improvvisate con uno schermo più piccolo e una distanza del proiettore dallo schermo ridotta."

Bernardo Clemente (From IT)

GREAT for traveling, camping, etc.

"I am SO glad that I ordered this projector!! I have been traveling and living outside of the US for the past few years, and it's sometimes difficult to bring any non-essential technology with me since I have limited space in my luggage. However, this projector is very compact and only weighs a few pounds, so it fits perfectly in my suitcase. However, even though it is small, it does not sacrifice quality. I thought the picture quality was comparable to much larger and more expensive projectors that I've seen before. It was also very easy to set up (and I'm terrible with technology :), and there were a number of different ways to connect it to my laptop or phone. I am so glad to have this, and I will be using it to watch movies with friends hopefully on many trips to come!"

L. Palmer (From US)

Top Qualität zum wirklich guten Preis!

"Ich habe einige Projektoren sehen und erfahren dürfen. Nun habe ich dieses Gerät mal auf Lunge und Nieren geprüft. Bis auf den Karton ( zu viel Verpackungsmaterial) ist das Gerät wirklich 5 Sterne wert. Sehr gutes Bild. Sehr gute Tonwiedergabe. Sehr gute einfach zu bedienen. Der Fernbedienung. Wurde sehr schnell geliefert. Ich bin mit dem Preis wirklich zufrieden. Schaut euch das Gerät an ihr werdet es nicht bereuen hiermit an das Team eine Message: Laurie hat gute Arbeit geleistet."

Mehmet Guel (From DE)

5,0 su 5 stelle Fantastic - Bright and Sharp Image

" I was so impressed with the colour and image quality. I set it up and captured a video review while away on vacation. The wall was not white so I was not sure if the quality would be good but the unit is very bright so the image was great. We connected to a Bluetooth speaker to get some base for the movies but when the speaker ran out of battery we used the built-in speakers on the projector and I was also impressed. Good level of volume and clear sound. Wifi worked without any issues. I looked at other projector options on Amazon and it got overwhelming. I am glad I selected this unit and recommend it to anyone."

Curtis Kostin (From CA)



camm (From JP)

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